Commercial Fuels is the fuel supplier of choice for corporate and distributing companies in many industries worldwide including transport, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, power generation, construction and home energy. 

We provide transport fuels, heavy fuel oils, heating fuels, new fuels and other innovative energy solutions that add value to your business, helping to improve the efficiency of your operations and reduce your environmental impact (use less and emit less).

Why Choose Us

Shell Commercial Fuels provides transport, industrial and heating fuels. Our range of products, from reliable main-grade fuels to premium products to customers in many industries including transport, mining, manufacturing, power generation, marine and home energy.

Our Service

In addition to our range of fuel products, you can take advantage of our fuel-related services developed to help you get the most of our fuels in your operations and your business.

What Customers Says

Our innovation comes to life when applied in our customers’ vehicles and equipment. In many sectors worldwide, customers test and demonstrate the benefits of our products in their own operations.

Euro2M FuelSave Diesel

At current, gazetted specification as per SIRIM’s MS123:2014 E2M is 500ppm Sulphur content, which is EURO 2M compliant.

Euro5 FuelSave Diesel

FuelSave Diesel EURO 5 has been formulated with exclusive DYNAFLEX Technology to deliver fuel efficiency to commercial heavy-duty operators over the lifetime of their vehicles

Industrial Diesoline IGO

is a special purpose light distillate fuel for use in high speed diesel engines.


Kerosene is a synthetic product made from natural gas rather than crude oil, which can be used in aviation and other applications.


When you fill up with Shell fuel, you can relax in the knowledge that our scientists have spent decades researching ways to help you get more out of every drop.